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Don't know if I should go polished, or black again.
Getting new wheels because I want more offset.

Current truck w/ wheels:
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I'd go with black again, It looks quite nice the way you have it right now.
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I agree with Maze,

Black all the way, currently looks good and if you was to get polished you'd have to get the truck wrapped or something. Don't really think polished would go with that colour
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I'd go with black as well.. not sure polished would go well with those colors. Especially if that trim on the bottom is just white or lighter gray. But tbh.. I like the wheels you have on now better, looks very good.
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I'd keep what you have. The all black is a little over whelming and doesn't really match your truck. Polished wheels are a PITA to keep clean and show EVERY little imperfection. I will never own another set of polished wheels.
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I wouldn't change em either. What you got now suits.
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I wouldn't change them either. I like the contrast of the wheels you have now and American Forces are pretty expensive wheels so you'd be worrying every time you drove it. Especially if you ever thought about offroading.
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Your penis will shrink at least 3 inches with both options, so I suggest getting steel wheels.
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the black ones man
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The black ones my dude
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