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Hey there ladies and gentlemen it's ya boy Federation telling you that to come stop by my stream you don't have to follow I just like talking and gaming with people in general! My Twitch is: prophet_of_usa. I'm not streaming at the moment but I will be sometime today or tomorrow due to work, I work at a Pharmacy by the way. But anyways I stream shooters like COD, Destiny 2, RB6 Seige, Battlefront II, Halo, Battlefield, etc. It would be great if you could stop by and say hello when I'm live! I'm on the road to 50 followers, so far I have 20 followers I'm doing a giveaway at 50 followers I'll select 1 winner for my first 50 followers with your choice of an Xbox Gift Card or subscription card and or an PSN Gift Card or PSN PS+ card. It would mean a lot if you stop by my channel sometime, thank you!!
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When do you usually stream? I would love to catch one if I have the chance.
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