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fan of both of these guys... not gonna lie mgk went hard but still... man rip mgk...

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The diss was decent at best .

I think MGK is pretty bad overall and Eminem should've stopped making music in 2003 but that's none of my business.
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Dude I just watched this two hours ago. He lyrically killed him lmao.
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Fair play to MGK for actually doing it and it actually being good i rate it, I love both artists its hard being a neutral, but MGK did good tbh his flow was so good aswell
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6 years and he dropped a diss on mgk
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HPL wrote6 years and he dropped a diss on mgk

You do not understand...

"Oh, you run the streets, huh?
Now you wanna come and f*** with me, huh?
This little c***-sucker, he must be feelin' himself
He wants to keep up his tough demeanor
So he does a feature, decides to team up with Nina
But next time you don't gotta use Tech N9ne
If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun
And I'm talkin' to you, but you already know who the f*** you are, Kelly
I don't use sublims and sure as f*** don't sneak-diss
But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie"

MGK originally tweeted about Hallie (Eminems daughter) back in 2012, he said that "she is hot as f***." At the time, she was 16 and MGK was 22. While this is very disturbing, Eminem either did not see/hear about the tweet or he chose to ignore it.

Earlier this year MGK was featured on Tech N9ne's song "No Reason."

"To remind y'all you just rap and not God
And I don't care who got bars"

It looks like this is a reference to "Rap God" and a subliminal diss at Eminem. That seems to be why Eminem dissed MGK in the new album.

And even if it did take 6 years to make a diss, does it matter? No. Surely your not defending MGK, he was way out of line. Instead of taking responsibilty for making his tweet, he doubles down (not the Eminem diss part, but the tweet about Eminems underage daughter part).

Next time you make a comment, educate yourself. Have a good day.
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Machine gun kelly.. Eminem is going to destroy him
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Fair play to him.
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I don't rate MGK one bit I think Eminem killed him on this
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tbh i feel like it was good for both they both go something out of it
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