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Finally 3/4 of the way to 10K downloads. Been a hell of a time taking breaks here and there from submitting as I'm almost getting through my last bunch of classes. With school starting once again, Se..Sean might surpass me and even be...beat me to 10K downloads (almost threw up writing that huehue). Not to mention my ATH badge is in jeopardy this month. Gonna have to start submitting gaming news/trailers again (maybe). Hopefully Madre maDz can work her corrupt powers out to aid. I guess I will see ya'll at 4k posts soon if i decide to shitpost some gaming news/trailers.

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Might have to surpass your Tutorial Record, only 599 to go.

Just kidding, congratulations on all the hard work you have been doing.
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7,500 downloads that's crazy,

Congrats tho <3
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Congratulations on 7,500 downloads man great milestone my dude!
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Huge achievement man! Congratulations on yet another milestone dude!

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Mad man. Grats lad.
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Stop creating stupid topics Brigand, don't need to brag everytime you hit a download milestone.

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That's crazy how much time and dedication you've submitted into TTG
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Grats man you will have 10k in no time
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WOW what a milestone to achieve!! Congratulations!!!!!
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