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2 days ago i woke up with a croaky throat and i was being sick overheating light headed aggressive coughing///

What is the best way to get rid of a cough?

(im in the uk so i cant get us products)

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DayQuil and NightQuil seems to always do the trick for me.
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Drink apple cider vinegar. It's nasty af but it always helps me get better.
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Drink some Dayquil, I had the same thing a week ago. It will help your throat for sure.
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Drink some (HOT) Tea with honey in it

Secondly sounds like you may have strep throat (I'm not a doctor tho) wouldn't hurt to go and see if they can prescribe something.
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Tea with honey is the one like poke said. I try to sweat out my illnesses, either by putting loads of clothes on to sleep in, or some intense training to make me sweat a lot. Try some vicks vapour rub to clear your chest and sinuses also. If you're coughing up green Phelgm then most likely a chest infection! (Not a doctor just from experience) hope it helps
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Should try Lozenges or Halls Soothers mate, they help me a alot
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drank your medicine
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Bit of a blood kinda taste when i cough to heavy but idk if its just from throat irritation
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Consult your GP.
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