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Best place for web hosting? Not looking anything expensive or to flashy. Just need to hosting at the moment to work around a few things, Mainly for trial and error. Thanks in advance!!
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My go-to's for web hosting.

Another option which is a nice project is get a cheap VPS and host it yourself, gives you control over everything.
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If it was a me.. I'd buy a VPS and host my own server, can kinda be complicated but google should definitely help,

Secondly where are you located EU,US,AU?

I might be able to help with a better package with your location
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There is a new site that is in alpha called [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] its a fully functional server/ text editor. AKA free VPS. Good choice for people that like to do everything from scratch.

Or there is 000webhost which is great if you're used to the FTP/ CPanel environment.
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000webhost is free last time I checked. Pretty good for startups.
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What are you planning to run on it?
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I would look at GoDaddy, OVH, BlazingFast they're all good hosts depending on the package you need.
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[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Has been my personal hosting place for a long time and no complaints, even doing my own development for websites it's been my fav and if there's a problem they answer and try to help as a much as they could
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