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Have you had a run in with the law? If so, what was your experience like.

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I've had a few run ins with the law and none of them have been pretty I can tell you
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Yup I have to occasionally. I live in the country and I ride my four wheeler on highways ect and sometimes the Sheriffs aren't happy about that because people complain sometimes.
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Getting hog tied & tazed, not fun..
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I have never been in trouble with police. My cousin came by my house once while on parole to pay me back what he owed me. Cops came into the house after, searched us, and stole my cousin's money out of his wallet. Cop then lied and said he never even looked in that pocket. So yea, not good.
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mine has been fairly good. been pulled over 5 times. only 2 tickets lol. otherwise i have 5% tint on two cars now and never been an issue. cops are fairly chill where i live
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A few from my younger days but nothing drastic! I'm a good boy
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You guys are awesome lol
I have never been in trouble with law I was a very angry kid let me tell you and never once did I try or even thought of putting my hands on a cop once they met that "sweet" kid at 16 years old, to me that's a kid where I live leave me alone lmao (America) cops always respected me as I did to them, don't have to like them it's just how it is or they will give you a hard time period. Forgive me if I mis misunderstood any of the replys of the topic! Stay gold my dudes!!
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Only once when i was pulled over for speeding 45 in a 30
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I know alot of cops in my area. so good.
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