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Right so i was joining peoples game on Borderlands 2 and i ran across 2 players that were friends and they had Black weapons and i was playing on the Xbox 360, They dropped loads of weapons but they wouldn't save for me but only for one of the guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get them back on the Xbox 360 i'm wondering if it's to do with a JTAG Xbox 360 that has got the old Patch back instead of updating it to the new ?
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Its from a gamesave were you load the gamesave and you get rewarded the items the person edited it to be but the person wont be able to keep them, they only can use them in game until they leave, all they have to do is run the gamesave again to get the rewarded items back again. I may be wrong there may be another way but ive had a gamesave which does that.
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google my name should be the first link
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