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What a complete idiot, I have no remorse for him what so ever, driving 100mph, showing of in his sports car. My heart goes out to the mother and daughter may they R.I.P.
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So selfish
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He killed a mother her 12 year old girl. No sympathy for him.
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Pretty Bad Guy if u ask me sad to see people end up like this
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If you going to do suicide do it alone not danger others... shame it happened and selfish too
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Put others and his self at risk with that stupid driving lol
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Its crazy to see how something so tragic can happen in seconds.

I Didn't know the Youtuber but he probably brought smiles to millions and will no longer just because of a stupid decision on behalf of his mental illness.
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This is horrible. Gone at a young age.
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LoveFairy wroteThis is horrible. Gone at a young age.

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