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Hey, all. Just looking for some suggestions for games on steam. Hidden gems, that sorta thing. Pretty much will give anything a go, but mostly into FPS/RPG. Strategy games are cool, too. Let me know!
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If you have not tried the best RPG of all time The Witcher 3 you are missing out. You can snag the game cheaper on G2A also.
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I really like the trails series of games(trails of cold steel) etc and I've recently started valkyria chronicles which is great imo as well
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warframe. Its not very hidden nowadays but its slowing gaining a lot more popularity.
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Steam is horrible.. Get you some Old School Runescape!!
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Based on those genre's, here's a big boi list;

Black Squad (it's decent for a free game)
Warface (Decent for a F2P
Prototype 1 & 2
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (old)

Dungeons & Dragons Online (old game, takes a while to get into)
Black Desert Online (a lot of grinding)

Sid Meir's Civilization V/VI
Command & Conquer Kane's Wrath
Crusader Kings II
Plague Inc Evolved

Special Mentions
Dishonored 2
ARK Survival Evolved


I don't know how well you know games on Steam so some of them may be more popular than I think. There are many hidden gems but those are the ones I can think of on top of my head.
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Gam wroteIf you have not tried the best RPG of all time The Witcher 3 you are missing out. You can snag the game cheaper on G2A also.

I really want to try this game
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Rust bro very reductions and aids and cancer but addictive and fun
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I highly suggest PAYDAY: The Heist. In my opinion it is much better than PAYDAY 2. Though there is a lot less stuff to do, It is a great game for it coming out in 2011
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Look through there are quite a few, ill keep you updated if i find any.
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