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Your gonna have to guess there windows version correct or if they are on macOS Or Linux You do not have to describe what version of macos or linux they are on. like windows 7 guess the person below you im on Linux (Opensuse Tumbleweed) i think the person below is on windows 7

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I'm actually on Android atm not sure if that counts haha.

I'm gonna guess the person below is also on mobile!
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Correct I'm on mobile!

I guess mobile also
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Right now im on IOS.
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I am going to guess Android for the next user.
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right now win 10

but i use arch and android also

i'll guess win 10
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Nope I'm on IOS atm

I'm going to guess mobile for the next person.
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You're correct I'm on IOS nice one

I'm going to guess Android
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I'm on iOS

But the person below me is on Android for sure...
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I'm on IOS,

The person below me will be an IOS user aswell.
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