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30,000,000 posts on TTG coming up, and I haven't done a giveaway in years. I think the last giveaway I did was in 2014 and it was free Netflix accounts but that got me in trouble Sorry

Anyways, ya just lmk if you need gold and I'll see what I can do.

P.S. Thanks and rep make me feel better about myself.

The Following 17 Users Say Thank You to Axo For This Useful Post:

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Thanks for this man! I'd like to enter
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This is the most humble post I have seen haha

Please count me in too, thanks bud
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I'd love to enter this bro thank you cx
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Awesome man, thanks for this!
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I'll take gold and another post towards my count. Thanks
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I'll enter this
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I'd deff like to enter and say thanks! So happy to see the site reach this insane milestone
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Thanks for the chance my guy

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I'll try my luck at this
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