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So today i was back in the studio for another tattoo cover up, but this time it was elbow area & to finish off the top shoulder as it was just left below by around 3 inches for years. 2 years the tattoo was like this, and the old artist i used claimed it was finished haha. So now i'm having to pay even more to get his work corrected.

But with only 1 more 4 hour sitting left, i am almost over the finish line.

Before pics:

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After pics:

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To say i'm happy with this sitting is an understatement. The main areas i wanted working on, was worked on. The rose he did is amazing and was mainly just for a cover up of really bad linework and colouring by my old artist and the extra clouds onto the shoulder just complete the sleeve. Thanks for looking and roll on my next sitting on the 29th September!

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They're looking awesome my man!! Well worth the wait, and I'm quite glad you were able to find the right artist for the job Jay. Clouds be lookin niiiice
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That rose is looking sexy, looks nice.
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Wow, all your tattoos are continuing to get better and 10x nicer.
Can't wait to see more at the end of August.

Does your wife know what she's getting yet?
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Those look great Jay! I've always wanted tattoos myself but never actually took the time to really plan anything. Looking forward to the next one.
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Love the rework you had done and your tattoos in general look great! Would personally to get myself some but can't think of what I want / getting the money out together for it lol
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That's some nice work you got their Jay
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You got a solid design there I personally love tats that involve time and a rose, it also looks so much more nicer with the added parts into it. Nice work you've got mate.
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Looks really good mate, can't wait to see it when it's finished
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