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Welcome back if you are planning on staying xD
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Welcome back Axe. It'll be nice if we had another challenger for the top 5. I do like Craig getting worried about his colourful name every once in a while
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Many moons have past since I've last seen you, good to see you're back in town.
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Happy to see you back man!
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Hope you stay active and join us in the shoutbox!
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Well welcome back man, make sure you stay active and join us in the shoutbox
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Hello Axe not sure if you've seen me before around the forums but I would like to say hi back to your face. Welcome back Axe and see you around the forums. My first name of this site was F4D if you remember that username for not?
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Hey man welcome back to the site! Just got myself back on here again a few days ago!
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Glad to see such a big member back, and shit you got alot of posts, more than me wtf. Ill be taking over your 9th spot soon. Anyways hope to see you around buddy.

Race to top 5?
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Hi you probably don't remember me.

Just messing man good to see the legend return. I've been holding it down for you and would love to see you come back and knock Famous off the 5th spot.

Bro it's been a minute since I've seen you. When I first seen the post and the pink name I was like damn someone got my brothers name but nope it's the real hockey pro.

Glad to see you are back though hope you can be more active now.

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