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Your favorite 100lb TeeTeeGee mehmber Petite here bein' all cute and sh!t
for you again this week with yet again another milestone post

Yep, after a long 6 years on this god gifted
website im finally in with the cool kids and
at 1k rep.

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Thanks list / Recently repped.
- Acetone
- Jimbo
- Mikey
- Saki
- Razberry
- coolbunny1234
- Ryderz
- Rodent_Modz
- maDz
- Luke
- Sean
- Taylor
- Spencer
- Ponti
- Jalen
- DeadLizard
- maDz_Jr
- KingTaco
- dah
- Loke
- All of you cute bastards I forgot
- And all those people in that list mikey made for SB knights lol.

If you're wondering how to get sexi rep number like these please do join the TTG Shoutbox by clicking on Shoutbox right there.

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Lastly I'd like to go over some future milestones I hope to accomplish through this year and 2019!

Near / Wanted Milestones
- 3000 Posts
- 1000 Thanks
- Rated Awesome
- 1000 News Comments
- (Get ready 2019 I'll be gifting hella gold)

Now reset my rep spank my thot ass and call me space cowboy becuase ninjas we made it.

The Following 12 Users Say Thank You to Petite For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-11-2018), Mikey (08-11-2018), Nik (08-11-2018), Adam (08-11-2018), 4321coolbunny (08-11-2018), Devil (08-10-2018), Rodent_Modz (08-10-2018), Saki (08-10-2018), Federation (08-10-2018), Jimbo (08-10-2018), Maze (08-10-2018), coolbunny1234 (08-10-2018)
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Congratulations big guy, you with the bool kids now!

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Congratulations on 1k rep, I'm so jealous I can't wait to get there! Here's a little more!
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Congrats brother! I still don't even have 100 rep.
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Congrats on 1K Rep
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Congrats on 1k rep! Hopefully I'll be up there soon!
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Congratulations on hitting that 1,000 rep, I knew you could do it.
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Congrats Petite

Glad I made the list
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Congratulations man it's great to see how active you are around the site and the shoutbox. Keep it up!

also I beat you to 1k get rekt m8
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Congrats dude heres some more rep!!
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