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Hey guys I recently had my ps4 stolen, while i was able to get a new one I lost all of my save progress on GTA V, Dark Souls 3, bloodborne, and the witcher. I did some searching to see if there was any free way to to resign/decrypt saves but the only thing I seem to be able to find was Save Wizard which after getting a new PS4 I can't really afford to purchase. Are there any free versions available yet? Would really like my progress back, I was pretty far int the witcher and bloodborne and would hate to restart them and I really want my 100% in GTAV back just to mess around in because playing a broke ass character sucks in SP. Thanks

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You could ask someone with Save wizard if they can hook you up with something.
(Jailbreak could be an option too depending on your firmware)
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Unfortunately my PS4 has the newest firmware.
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Try and find someone with the save wizard so they can edit your save files
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