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I just hit my next milestone which was 200 rep and theirs a ton of people I gotta thank for helping me get here.


There's many more and I wanna thank everyone who has helped me get here it means allot to me.

Next goals to accomplish

My next goals to accomplish on TTG are 300 rep 1k thanks and 2k post

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Congratulations on 200 rep bro, smash those milestones!!

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Good job butt stuff. Proud of you
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That video has me in tears my goodness
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gg on that i've given you 19 rep
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Butt stuff joey! Congrats poop dik
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Congrats on 200 rep bro can't wait to get to 100
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Congrats on 200, I just got 200 a few days ago
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Congratulations on hitting 200 rep, keep it going.
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Nice one bro! Your next 100 will fly in
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