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Just got Tutorial Master, as i been trying to get all 5 purple badges. Only got 3k news left to do now, and gonna get the 15k badge and that will be my milestones finished for the time being.

Milestones 2019...

Top 5 Poster
1k Gifts
Game Reviewer

Milestones i wish to get one day

Rated Awesome

See you guys soon for my 4k rep milestone, hopefully tonight

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Congrats on yet another milestone Mikey, you spamming, TTG nerd/thumb. Can't wait to see all those purple badges on one account.
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Congrats dude really shows how dedicated to TTG you are
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Congrats Mikey on your milestones and good luck for your future milestone. I'm thinking to work on getting my video king+ and download king+ or whatever they called these days so those milestones are out of the way. I also want Ninja but it comes recording myself being a weird, you can complete that as you're in the weird class of nature Mikey.

Keep on grinding and hope to see you with another milestone, still waiting on that Vape Thumb video that you said you were going to upload on TTG. Sean actually is going with it and accepting the offer, wow.
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Grats on mod bro
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congrats Mikey!
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congrats u sweat bag lol.

shouldn't you be making tutorials on how to break up fights on big brother rather than on TTG hehe.

Jokey jokey
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Congratulations my man, keep up the grind. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you're an NFL fan either, spread that around the UK!!
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Congrats bro quite some milestones you've got
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Awesome job Mikey! You're an asset to this site.
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