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7k dl's has been met, just another 3k and I will then be able to rest from enslaving myself to Sean's bidding's. Ole dude trying to catch up, not gonna let that happen though. Only pushing me to submit dl's for a longer period than usual.

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I will catch you
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Christ lad, time for you to ctach some sun huh..

Kappa grats...
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I still dont know where you and Sean find these downloads ffs, anyway congratulations on being the biggest TTG NERD on the site lol.
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It's my mission to beat you, son.
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Damn that is just insane. Can't wait to see you hit 10k!
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Have you ever seen the sun before?
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wow thats insane bro keep it up till 10k
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Your skin must literally be transparent.

Great though man
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Congrats my dude, keep up the grind! They'll never catch you
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