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  • Winter 2017
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Am I cool yet?

Today marks the day I reached 2k rep. I know big things n all that jazz.

Until next time, bye.

But have a drink with me ladz...

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The cool kids are chillin with 4k mate, see you up there some day GG.

2k is a hella lot of rep bro, keep it up. See you at 3k.
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Finally! Took you long enough. Congrats

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Well done bro!
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Big congrats bro
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  • E3 2017
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Congratulations my man, well deserved!! Onwards to 3hunnak.

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Congrats on the 2k rep man!
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congrats qt
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good job dude here is some rep help you hit 3k
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  • Christmas!
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Congratulations on 2k rep Craig! See ya at the next milestone
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