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My friend has a twitch account and streams on PS4, he doesn't have a computer, I offered to make his sub and bit notifications. I got stream labs and OBS, how can I make his stream go to my computer then to twitch? Or does he just need a computer and I can't help?
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Don't think that's possible. You need a computer to do all the fancy Twitch stuff because it needs to be inputted into OBS which is then outputted to Twitch. Sorry unless your friend gets a laptop or computer he's not going to be able to all the stuff you'd like him to do like notifications, overlays etc. If you need help with anything just PM me as I do stream every now and then.

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You'd need his console setup to your PC via an Elgato or PVR etc.

This is not possible if you are in 2 different households.
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