MusicWhat type of music do y'all prefer?Posted:

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I got a question.

What type of music?
1) Trap/Mumble (Lil yachty, Migos, and etc)
2) Lyrical/Story (Kendrick, Cole, Joyner Lucas)
3) Vibe/Emotion (A Boogie, Yk Osiris, Post Malone)

Which music do yall prefer to listen to? Which style do you think will carry you the furthest in todays music industry?
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I personally think all genres are oversaturated. may it be lyrical or mumble. I used to be really into Hopsin especially his ill minds, but after some years you start to get bored of the same flow and mindset he has.

In the end, people only want something that makes their cars/headset's shake with bass.

Everyone on soundcloud or i get linked to have this lazy flow attempting to be lil uzi, and many of the storytellers are usually gang violence and getting out the hood which people have been rapping about for decades.

Edit: Thinking about it more, rappers with flows and beats like XXXTentacion appealed to both parties, it had this emo flow while maintaining a hard beat. So something along those lines would probably make it in the rap industry.

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What type of rap music do you prefer?*

If I had to choose, I would say Lyrical/Story with a bit of Vibe/Emotion as well.
I really, really dislike the newer generation/mumble rap music, it just sounds awful personally.

I would say people like Logic and Chance, the Rapper are some of my favorites.
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I like my Grime and rap
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Australian Hip Hop!
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Second and Third
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Honestly I prefer a balance of all three.
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I'm more of a trap/mumble rap person
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