FortniteThoughts on the Celestrial / Galaxy skin?Posted:

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So if youve been keeping up to date with the fortnite leaks you wouldve seen the celestial / galaxy. Ill leave a picture of what it looks like incase you havent seen it. My question is whats your thoughts on it and whats your thoughts on how you have to get it. As of right now its all rumors as to how you get the skin. But the rumors are as follows: it will be an item shop skin, it will be a starter pack, or you get it by either pre-ordering / buying a galaxy s9 (speculated to be a promo for fortnite on android) .

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I don't have any speculation, but I hope they put it in the shop, as I am an Apple phone owner.
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I honestly hope it arrives in the shop.

Would be pointless being a Samsung exclusive as people will simply use emulators as a way around it, if that would be possible anyway.

It does seem it may be a starter pack skin though, most recent leak shows it classed as a starter pack item within the game files.

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I think it's gonna be a $5 starter pack on Samsung devices. But i am looking forward to it
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This is my first time hearing about this.

Hopefully it comes as a starter pack.
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never knew about this but it looks cool i guess
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Don't keep up with leaks anymore because I want to be surprised. That said, I don't actually care about it, so when I see a spoiler I look.
This is my first time seeing it, and it looks very cool. I have ~2500 vbucks right now and I will be buying it if it's in the shop.
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Really cool skin I think it will be in the item shop or a add on pack
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Skin is too much imo.
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Higher quality images:

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New burger skin:

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