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0livia wroteMy favourite dessert is apple pie.

What is your favourite dessert??

I love white fudge lol
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chocolate chip cookie with a couple of scoops of ice cream on top
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0livia wroteMy favourite dessert is apple pie.

What is your favourite dessert??

I love white fudge lol

Vanilla fudge bro? Fire!
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I'd have to say my favorite would be apple pie with whipped cream
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vanilla ice cream with candy or snacks in it, like gummy bears, snickers, oreos, etc
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Snickers Ice cream brownies I don't if they are around still I can't find them anymore it's rare sadly lol
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My favorite dessert would probably be just plain old vanilla ice cream
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Either strawberry trifle or cake and custard
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Rn warm cookie dough and ice cream bruuuuh
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Mikey wroteA cream pie is my favourite desert

Oreo ice cream or pumkin pie
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