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Hello TTG,

I'm a new member here! Yeah it says 5 year member but I only used TTG for my game saves ect.

I'm introducing myself now as I'd like to become active and involved with this site

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Xbox (08-12-2018), Mikey (08-08-2018), Maze (08-08-2018)
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Nice to meet you John, I hope to see you active around the forums, also come join us in the shoutbox!
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Welcome to the site man! I've seen you a few times in the shout box, stick around and keep getting to know everyone!
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Hope to see you around the forums & shoutbox!
I'll leave you some starting rep
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Welcome to this website, stay active and see you around the forums.
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Welcome to the active, community side of TTG John! I hope I see you around the forums and get a chance to get to know you, make sure to drop by the sb to get to know some of the older but still active members
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Hello and welcome to TTG.
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Hey John! Hope to see you active:P
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Welcome back to the site mate, hope you stay hella active this time.
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Hey dude hope to start seeing you around the forums instead of just game saves.

Maybe stop by the shoutbox it's a cool place to chill and speak with other TTG users.

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