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AnimeFull Dive Vr - Why aren't we closer?Posted:

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Sword art online is by far one of the most popular and most controversial animes out there. What I want to know is why aren't there more tech companies out there striving and focusing on the idea of full dive? Why so few? I'm sure we can get pretty close to full dive, though not the same. With the Manus VR gloves, HTC Vive and other VR Headsets, Infinadeck/Kat walk 360 Treadmills, and foot, leg, and arm trackers, as well as the tech to make full body motion capture suits, why aren't we that much closer to a "full dive"?

For all you tech lovers out there: Could it be possible to modify a motion capture suit to not only transfer the motions and your body figure to a vr world's avatar, but also contain the hardware to work like a full body Manus glove, work in tandom with a 360 treadmill and a headset?
With all the tech available today, would something with it all combined be closer to full dive vr than what we would think?

Implemented muscle stimulators that are designed only provide the sensation of feeling, the motion capture suit, foot trackers, and vr gloves like manus that transfer the body movement and shape to a vr avatar and provide real-time avatar animations, VR headsets that give us the visual sensation of the virtual world, a 360 treadmill similar to the Kat walk that allows crouching, jumping, and maneuvers in all directions via a harness type of system paired with the tracking of the suit, and potentially an implemented face rig similar to the rig applications you see that real time animate and track your facial expressions.

All this equipment could theoretically be combined into one full system that allows a more immersive world, similar to that of VR Chat with an online social system but hooked to this vr tech instead and place into a VR world like Aincrad. Hand placed and build designs, but with some auto-generated code and a similar system of SAO's Cardinal system. Using the autogeneration codes we have available to use for sand boxes such as Minecraft we could great expansive VR worlds with no end, but the generations can be expected in single locations placed along the map as a way to create specific locations for cities.

Could we be closer than we think to something like SAO, without the risk of microwaves frying our brains in the real world when we die in game?
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I believe that it still has a way to go, I mean yes we have self driving cars. But those cars still have heavy issues, so in regard to a fully comptaible VR headset like SAO, no. We still don't even have pop up touch menu's like in the series yet, the closest thing we have to a fully imersable VR experience is lucid dreaming. I hope to see this, but I think it will be at the end of our lifespan to be honest.
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At the moment, unfortunately, this full dive VR at the level of research, but in the future when ful dive VR is will be possible , it's incredible. If you interesting read more information about Full Dive Virtual Reality .
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Very interesting article about VR software development. By the way, I met similar ideas on the Computools site, you should check it out .
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