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  • Winter 2018
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Finally got another badge, fairy finally loved me enough.

Thanks to those who still rep me, especially the homie Tricks.

Appreciate the sb trivia also @Cent @Tricks.

Thanks for keeping the site updated @Sean @Telli

Much love!

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All these SB Hero +'s coming about these days, and here me with like 50% of the way to the first one... Fml

Grats buddy.
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Congratulations dude!

I'm in the same situation as Craig. Even though I'm always in the Shoutbox I'm only at 12%. Regardless congrats on another badge RepBandit. Keep it up and good luck with your next milestone.

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Congrats bro

I'm currently on 0%
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Congratulations my guy, well deserved!!
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Like 7 months later congrats on your milestone dood.
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Congrats man!

I haven't seen the fairy once yet
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Congrats man, I'm trying to get it but the fairy hates me
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congrats, always good to see you hitting new milestones
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Welcome to the SB + club bro, glad to see you finally got it.
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