GiveawayKnont's Wonderful Double Gold GiveawayPosted:

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to enter just gimme a funny comment

rep is not asked for but always greatly appreciated

this is my first gold giveaway but many more will come

two winners will be chosen

winner will be chosen friday morning at 8am

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Hero (08-09-2018), JOEYKMODS (08-08-2018), Mikey (08-08-2018), Xbox (08-08-2018), Ponti (08-08-2018), BLVD (08-08-2018), Redwood (08-08-2018), MJV (08-08-2018), Lease (08-08-2018)
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9 damage
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Feminists make sense
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A good giveaway you say?

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Thanks for a chance to win buddy!
Heres this
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Funny comment
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Sign me up

Would post a funny but mobile and Bbcode can do one
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Knont was lost in the storm
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If I win I'd like you choose someone who doesn't have gold already to receive it.

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Welcome to the site and I would love to enter your gold giveaway.

Sorry I have nothing funny to say it's always cool seeing new users active and involved with the community.

See you around the forums man and if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me.

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