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How does dropshipping work? Is it worth it? How do you get customers? Can someone send me a full guide
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You're basically letting someone else supply your business and hold inventory for you. Every time you get a sale it gets shipped from the supplier you're using instead of you having to do it. There's a ton of good tutorials on YouTube.
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As Woobie said, check out youtube. It depends on what kind of business you're running / how large your volume is in regards to finding out whether it's worth it or not for you.
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Basically, from your website you download a third party extension called Oberlo. With this tool, you can import products into your store, adjust the price, and place them on your site. When somebody purchases products from your website, the money gets sent directly into your account, you then use a percentage of that money to purchase the product yourself straight from the Chinese manufacturer using the customer's address.

This is great, I've made plenty of money selling socks. With this method, it's a win/win/win. You win by making a profit and not dealing with inventory, the customer wins by getting what they purchase, and the manufacturer wins by getting their asked price.

You will need to know a small amount about paid advertising, I ran a small agency last year so I know a thing or two. If you ever need help with your site, Oberlo, or advertising I'm a PM away.
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