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I'm a little late on this post as I was camping then a rad tornado decided to shred through my city for a moment and left me without power but finally I'm making this post and no it's not just so mikey can have another post it's to show my appreciation to you guys on here.

With words..
Im broke
Got court Wednesday the feds got ye boi.

So while I can't do giveaways I've decided to all give you a brief nickname/meaning in my thanks list.
If I missed you in here I'll more than likely edit you in so don't worry.

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<3 Cutie/Thanks list. <3

- Acetone (The realist)
- Clingy (The Cutest)
- Mikey (My lil shitposter jk u cute ass)
- Sean (Almost God)
- Mortar (Repped me once)
- MaDz (Accepts my avatars)
- Saki (Waifu)
- Loke (Animal god / Sakis man)
- Lost (Ur silent man talk to me sometime lmao)
- Luke (You bloody cute bastard you!)
- Cent (@'d me a few times)
- Tricks (Best staff) (Sorry mouse)
- Fa(mouse) (Honestly you should get admin now lol)
- Coolbunny1234 (We bickered one time but we cool now bb)
- Woobie (Newest member introduced) (Re-introduced)
- Bulletstorm (Old skewl legend)
- Spencer (We need to get intimate)
- Devil (Got the beta keys for the low low)
- r00t (Man of wise words)
- Chat (Forum God)
- Craig ( Cry-ag, thanks for all the gold you've given me!)
- Toka (Nice username)
- Tom (Cause my name is Tommy)
- Hero (Very credible)
- Upside (For such a new member you are achieving great things!)
- Yati (New but in style)
- Jimbo (Goat retired staff)
- Tinder (The OG sqaw)
- ryderz ( The OG sqaw)
- KingTaco (The OG sqaw)
- riunyxx (TTG's current newest member)
- Kamilca (SB regular)
- Ponti (Cutie with a booty)
- Jalen (Radio head)
- Lizard (6ix year ganggangshiz)
- CFO (How could I forget TTG's Pinup girl you cute bastard ILY)
- Xbox (Valiant member)
- All of you (For building this sanctuary called TheTechGame)

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Hopefully I remembered most my closest friends ofc I probably forgot a few I'll re-edit later.

Here's some other Milestones I'm close too.
- 1000 Rep -
- SB Hero + -
- 3000 Posts -
- 1000 Thanks -
- And Rated Awesome - (They sent it to the wrong address so the postal office has to re-send the badge)

Till next year space cowboys keep it

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Congrats man you are beautiful. Hope to see you at 7 year
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Congrats on achieving 6 years here, man. Welcome to the group.
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congratz you old man sucks i didnt make it on the thanks list but its all good 8)
see you at 7 cutie ;)
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Well done on six years as a member of this community, we appreciate you (:
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Congratulations my guy! You schooled the crap out of me in the forums, taught bun bun to watch where he shit posts.

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You've changed
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Congrats on 6 years.

1k rep is right around the corner.
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You looking hella cute today bae, congrats on 6 years.
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Grats on the Big 6ix
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