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Hello everyone!

I'd first like to thank Mortar for helping me get back into my account after forgetting my password for the second time over the years. Also want to thank Craig & Lizard for gifting me gold almost immediately. Such a reminder of why I love this community so much and am so happy to be back. I was super active on here around the time of MW2 about 8 years ago and have been on and off over the years. I've recently relocated for work and found more time to start enjoying myself again and it feels great to be back home on TTG.

To all my old friends on here and any new faces looking for a friend feel free to reach out to me!

Oh and add me on my gaming handles so we can play (:

Xbox: Fishbowl
PS4: OfficialGuby

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Welcome back woobs. Love ya big guy. Check your rep notes
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Welcome back my dude! Great to see an old timer make his way back around. I'll add you on xbox, come play with the squa

Edit: We're already friends on xbox my God I've missed you

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Welcome back dude you seem like a more than credible member.

Always nice to see former staff on the site again I'm sure it brings back hella memories.

Anywho I doubt you know who I am but it's nice to meet you and maybe we'll get to chatting sometime.
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Welcome back, glad too see an old member return also one who was a staff member!
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Welcome back Woobie!!!!! It's been a long time since I've seen your name. Glad to see you come back and hopefully this will be a permanent stay this time
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Welcome back, no one could forget a TTG legend as yourself.
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Welcome back man good to have u
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Great to see you back on the site. Can't wait to get to know you let me know if you need anything and say hi if you see me in sb
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Welcome back bro! Great to see one of the OG's back on the site
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