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The Days of Summer event is back for Call of Duty: WWII, featuring new weapons, uniforms, and R&R-inspired gear, as well as the brand new Sandbox map, available first on PlayStation4.
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Can't tell you how much it's driving me insane that PS4 is getting all the first releases. For example, the newest map pack that dropped for WWII, I have no idea if it's available for Xbox yet. Quite annoying.
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I love the events that WW2 has been having this summer, its been tons of new content. I like all this stuff in this one, but the sandbox map is still ehhh to me.
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Wow this actually looks pretty cool, haven't played ww2 in a few weeks but might hop on to try out the sandbox map
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Anyone else get the Iron Curtain 2 yesterday? Believe the contract will be out again on the 10th? I think.
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