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Tasty got some rep

I have finally hit 400 rep! I haven't made a rep milestone in a while! In addition, I hit 8 years a month ago.

Wow, I have so many people to thank. So shoutout to:

Zesri (my OG homie on here)
Maze (go show him some love)
Saki and Loke (my fav weebs and ppl to talk to)

and uh, Jimbo gifted me with gold the other day, so thanks, man!

Also, I haven't been as active in the forums this summer. I've been so busy, but still love talking to all of you! You know I still pop in the shoutbox whenever I can

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Glad we could get you to 400 rep
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Congrats on 400 rep mate, see you at 500 soon.
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Congratulations mate, glad to see another weeb posting a milestone. Look forward to seeing here more.

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Congratulations my man, well deserved! Glad to have gotten to know you in the sb

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You deserve so much more

Congratulations my man! 10/10 best member on the site, always great to see you
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Congrats man! Glad we was able to get you there.

(You can not give reputation to the same member more than 3 times in a 24 hour period.)
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Nice job man, I'm almost at 8 years myself
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Congrats on the 400 rep Tasty! Thanks for the shoutout glad to gift a cool person like you gold. See you at 500!

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Congrats bro.
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