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I'm going back to school on August 14th, and Im a little nervous because I'm trying out new classes and gonna meet new people. Can anybody who ever passed or got held back in the 10th give me some advice!

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Just don't get behind and have fun. High school flies by it's crazy. You'll be graduating before you know it.
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From what I remember in high school is that 10th grade was easy af. 11th was a pain in the ass tho. When I first took my SATs I got something in the 700s. Just chill and do you work and you will be fine
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Keep up with your classes and don't slack off to much and get behind that always sucks.

Other than that High school really does fly by man so live it up. You will miss it and I was the one who hated school haha

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In the long run, it doesn't really matter, a lot of the things you get bothered by, stressed out over, and the relationships that turn sour will not matter to you AT ALL once you graduate in the near future. Have fun and enjoy yourself, make sure to study and get the grades you need to do what you want for the future, but don't stress about every little thing. Make sure to have fun and do things you enjoy life sports and hanging out with friends, try your best to stay out of trouble.
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Have fun, study hard, take your first SAT and/ or ACT if you haven't already. Do a sport or two and get involved in clubs. Also if your school offers internships take advantage of them especially if they pay you.

I just graduated High school and am now a freshman at Caltech.

Just curious what classes are you taking?
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Going into college sucked because I slacked hard, work on your grades, get a planner start making good habits. I don't want to suggest doing anything illegal for the SAT but sometimes some supplements will do you good just for the one occasion. If you do end up slacking off your first year of college is just a repeat of high school except it is coming out of your pocket and your time. Work hard in the early stages and it pays off in the long run. Do not worry about making relationships and friends focus on yourself and your future and guide yourself down the right path.
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Work hard play hard man. Nows a great time to really put yourself ahead in life. Keep grinding man!
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Your gonna be fine bro, it's not bad at all, high school is easy af. Just chill.
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For the love of god, don't fall into peer pressure. I don't know how 10th grade is now since i graduated almost 3 years ago. But i used to live in the ghetto, half of the girls were pregnant and half of the guys were on probation.

I fell into the bad group, was hooked on drugs until graduation and changed my ways when i saw half of the people i started High school were either in the same grade or in jail.

Just do your school work and don't procrastinate.
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