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Mine is mushroom madras with pilau rice, what's yours?
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sometimes i eat cat food then smell my own breath
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My favorite meal of the day is Dinner no matter what is served.
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I've been making it for three hours now!

I have 6 racks of ribs in the smoker along with fresh ocean salmon.
I can have steak every day of the week. But when you put hours of
time smoking your dinner after you enjoy it you go into that food
nap. Sorry I forgot to mention I'm cold smoking my dinner.

I still have to cook it after it's done smoking...great day all...
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Katie wrotesometimes i eat cat food then smell my own breath

I'm sorry but this made my day so far. So stupid but funny as shit lol
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gotta love a nice home made lasagne, definitely my favourite
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I could eat Pizza every single day for the rest of my life
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Salt & pepper chicken. Without a doubt
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Beef hotdogs with bacon wrapped around it and some chilli and banana peppers on top
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