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Our Fortnite Submachine gun guide contains weapon stats, rarity specifics, information for employing it and data on locating the new weapon.

Fortnite's partnership with submachine guns only grows stronger. The Drum Gun released only several weeks ago, and now we've got the aptly titled "Submachine gun" arriving swiftly at the identical time!

Going by it truly is normal situation title, we are able to assume that the Submachine gun will function just like...nicely, a submachine gun? It'll spit bullets at a ferocious speed and most likely shred opponents who stray also close, however, the minute you begin firing at a target within the distance its effectiveness will drop sharply.

It is actually also worth mentioning that the Tactical SMG has also been benched, which means that this Submachine gun adequately replaces it.

Within this write-up, we've gathered collectively anything we at the moment know about this weapon, from its base stats to how it feels once you have got it in hand, plus assistance on the strategy to go about receiving your mitts on it.

What rarities is definitely the Submachine gun around in?
The new Submachine gun is around in three special rarities: Prevalent, Uncommon, and Uncommon.

Harm starts off at 19 for the lowest rarity and goes each and every with the way as much as 21 for the Rare model.

When these stats could possibly appear low, keep in mind that the Submachine gun will in all probability have a fast fire rate, so it'll probably melt health bars should you reliably unload a full clip into a poor soul.

Any other stats for the Submachine gun?
The Submachine gun's clip carries 30 rounds in total, that is definitely rather powerful when it comes to pepper an enemy at a close selection. Just be cautious when unloading a full magazine although as it'll evaporate promptly and you may nicely find your self-reloading all too quickly.

The Submachine gun utilizes also Light Ammo.

Exactly where can I find the Submachine gun?
You'll uncover the Submachine inside floor loot, chests and we're confident it'll also be readily available to nab from Supply Llamas and [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] too.

Definitely, you happen to be able to also eradicate other folks and strip the gun off their corpses if that suits you...

Any Submachine gun ideas?
Here's a number of ideas to help you get a headstart on enemies when the gun launches.

When the Submachine gun's fire price is fast, you will have to have to watch the ammo count when facing off against an enemy. Miss your shots and also you could possibly well locate your self-reloading at the worst achievable time, leaving you vulnerable (additionally to a little embarrassed).

We wouldn't advise taking on many opponents with this weapon considering that it basically doesn't possess the harm output to harm two enemies. It is excellent for shredding one particular target, but extend this to yet another and you'll struggle to take them down.

Don't rely solely on the Submachine gun as your principal weapon. View it as a brilliant brief range killer, but a single that lacks punch at mid to extended range. Possessing a Sniper or [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] within your most important slot provide you with significantly expected versatility.
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