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I upgraded my 2009 Mac Pro to an SSD, Radeon RX580 8 GB GPU and an Intel XEON 5690. I also have 16GB of RA>
I installed Windows 10 Home Eition. I'd like to play COD WWII on it but I am not sure XEON will let me. I know you need min Ryzen 1400 but this XEON is 3.5 GHZ. Will it play or is the architecture of Ryzen required to install it? Anyone tried?
Iknow the other specs are OK for this. Please, give yur input especially if you tried yourself or know somebody who did.
Can you download it from somewhere or do I need to get it from a retailer?
Thnx a lot in advance.
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1. I assume the Ryzen 1400 is what's listed as a minimum requirement. These don't actually mean anything and just confuse people. PC games run on the x86 instruction set used by Intel and AMD. Different CPUs might use different architectures, but the instruction set they use can be the same.

2. Xeon CPUs are just Intel products marketed for enterprise/workstation use. Software doesn't care.

3. Comparing clock speed is only meaningful when CPUs use the same architecture. The X5690 is old (2011) and will be slow compared to modern CPUs even with lower clock speeds. Again, the software doesn't care what the clock speed is.

4. I wouldn't suggest upgrading an old computer like a Mac Pro, but that's your call.

It will probably run just fine if all the parts are compatible. The CPU is old, but it's not that slow.
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