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In light of my return to TTG I will be gifting gold to a few random people!

How to Enter:
Post why you think you deserve it... or something funny
Either one works

I will pick winners as I see fit.


Thanks and +Rep is not required, but greatly appreciated

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Hey bro cheers for hosting this.

Sure I'd love to enter I've just found my way back into the site after a few months now I'm fully done with my exams and studies so can come back and hopefully enjoy the gold forums haha.

Miss the gold forums

Appreciate the chance <3
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Hey dude thanks for giving back if you would like to gift me gold that would be awesome but if not thats fine as well.
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I'll enter thanks I need more gold mine is expiring soon.

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Oh sheet.
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I deserve it because im cool asf.
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Mikey wroteI deserve it because im cool asf.

Be quiet mikey
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I've recently came back to the site after a while since BO4 is coming out and want to play with people like old days and gold will also be great because it's been a very long time since I've had it
Thanks for the giveaway!
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I'll enter. Thanks for doing this.

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I'd like to enter.
I'm almost at one year of gold
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I'd like to enter. The reasoning for why I should get it is because I'm new, and you're returning back around the exact same time. Must be kismet. Lmfao.
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