GeneralEnroll in any college and study anything what would it be?Posted:

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If you could enroll in any college and study anything, with your tuition paid in full by a mysterious benefactor, what would you study -- and why?

Post down below what college and what you would go to study if you had the opportunity.

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DEX_Snoke (08-02-2018)
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university of toronto, economics

close to home and i like economics i guess lol idk
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University Of Ottawa and Nursing.
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Not sure what college, but would really love to go to a more prestigious college than I am now for Web Development. Currently, I'm enrolled with Independance University doing online classes. Kinda have to being a single Dad of two that works!
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I'd probably switch back to Computer Science instead of Information Technology and would love to study at a prestigious College. I have no preference to be honest.
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I wish i could've went to college and went for welding, down the road they make at least $19 a hour. It would've been a great profession.

Either that or something like a doctor's assistant. Just to follow in my moms footsteps.
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Business / Finance / Economics at Cambridge

My two brothers have graduated from there and so the pressure is on
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University of Arizona. I'd probably take something to do with mechanical engineering.
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Boston University RN that is my goal in life to also work with adolescent who have mental health.
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MIT or caltech and learn robotics or AI
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