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My brand new build powers on perfectly, all fans work led lights up however I get no signal to my monitor. I just installed my ram today so i highly doubt that can be the issue. I even unplugged and plugged the cable but nothing worked. Any suggestions?
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You sure your RAM is seated correctly? Common sign of no post is RAM that isn't seated correctly. Take em all out and put 1 stick in then try again.
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Yeah ive tried that and nothing happened. I only have 1 stick atm. And for some reason the only way the ram goes in is if the label is facing the cpu. Ive noticed in many ram installations the label would be the opposite way
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I also have the same problem, my motherboard lights up and the fans are spinning so it means that my pc is on, but my when i connect my pc to the monitor it says no signal. This is my first pc build, and is new.
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1. Make sure you have the correct source selected on the monitor.
2. Plug the monitor in to the integrated graphics connector on the motherboard and check for signal.
3. Clear CMOS. Your motherboard's manual will have instructions.
4. Try a different monitor and cable.

Post again if nothing works.
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