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With the newest update that essentially overhauled NMS there's plenty of wacky, beautiful and just plain crazy planets and life out in the universe.
Post some of your favorite discoveries, or stories of what you've found!

One of my favorites happened earlier today, I warped to a new system, and found a massive planet with a little tiny moon, that was labeled as "Unstable Nuclear Moon" obviously with a name like that I'm gonna land there and check it out. So I get excited and land, start looking around and I see what I thought was a big pineapple sitting under a tree. I went to go get a closer look and THE THING STARTED HOPPING AWAY FROM ME. I chased it down trying to scan it but its too fast and changes directions rapidly. I finally start to get close to a scan, and it's at 70% and it gets close to a rock, or so I thought until this "rock" scooped up my pineapple friend and ate him. After that, I got in my ship and never returned to that moon.
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No discovery yet!
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Iv discovered a planet that had bushes that just looked like weed plants everywhere lol
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