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put my blood sweat in and tears into those stupid arcade games. almost broke my keyboard twice and my mouse is actually broken. this is my greatest achievement i have ever made on this site.

im most proud of my helicopter score and if you knock me off the board ill probably kill you. I will never miss the sound of that helicopter crashing.

Big thanks to mortar, maze and dusknoir throughout this hard process

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smh sweaty fk.

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Good job dude, someone had to waste there time playing those stupid games and get awarded a badge so good for you!
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My man!!! Glad you're apart of the club, and I still hate you for getting helicopter
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Congratulations on getting the arcade badge, and top ten in helicopter? Your a Savage
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Congrats on the new badge bro, a badge i hope to get one day but doubt it.
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Congrats mate!
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Congrats on the badge bro.
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CoNgRaTs On yOuR MiLeStOnE...
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Congrats on the milestone, gonna have to put hours, maybe days or maybe even months of time into helicopter and beat your score
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