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I've been to a few places like Australia, Belgium and Dubai but my ideal vacation would be to either somewhere like Japan or South Korea, closer to nature. I'd like to explore the Asian culture and check out all the ancient temples and ruins. I've been to Japan when I was a kid but remember nothing apart from toyko being packed!

I'm interested in seeing what your perfect holiday would be and why?

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Going around America watching NFL games.

Never even been to one yet since im broke AF but one day i will go and watch some games
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Spain drinking wine in Barcelona and eating great meals.
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I've never been out of the West Coast in the United States, so going out of country would be my main dream. My girl and I talk about Santorini, Greece which is where I'm hoping to go in the future. Clear, blue water and an amazing landscape, I can't wait to get there.

Oh and of course, Hawaii
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Maldives for a relaxing holiday but my all time favourite place to go has to be New York!
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Brazil, would love to go to rio
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I would love to go to Dubai
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I want to go to iraq in the middle east that place seems like fun
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Always wanted to go to Dubai.
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Private yatch

South of france

Yes please
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