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is N0VA with a zero worth anything just wondering ?
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Probably not, if it had a O it would be
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the guy who had the original gt got banned
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I guess it's one of those l33t gamertags.

No doubt you can get something for it.

Sadly I do not know how much they go for but don't believe it's worthless.
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The tag is a l33t tag meaning it has a number instead of a letter. It does have worth it is worth around 30-50$ to some people, Not on this site tho on other sites that have marketplaces for social media accounts.
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I doubt it's worth much but if you like it man go for it!
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Probably not much Tbh maybe if someone wants it bad!
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It's not worthless because of the zero, but will make a lot of people not want it.
The max you could get out of it may be around $40 but that is to the right buyer, I'm sure you could get rid of it for a quick 10-20$
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