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If you read my recent post in the last week I really went threw a rough stage at life and I'm not bullshitting without all the comments and messages plus my girlfriend the response that I got from everyone LITERALLY saved me and within the last week I've never felt happier and I listened to a lot of the messages that I was sent and noticed a lot of OUR team are going threw the same thing I was going threw. People need to know theirs always someone their to speak to they might not know you but believe me they can help you.
Abit cringy guys but I love use

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Hey dude I think I can speak for everyone on this site and saying were here for you and glad you got over that hump and your better now
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Use have no idea bro I might not post everyday but I'm always active and this team mean a lot
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I'm here too
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You don't gotta post a lot to be active, those who save their words for the proper moment are the ones who make this community not the shitposters although we love them too!

Glad to see we've helped!
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The TTG squad is always gonna be here for you if you need someone to talk to. Life can get rough, but knowing you have people in your life is very important. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I better see yo ass in the shoutbox from time to time, and myself along with countless other members will always be here if you need someone to talk to. Keep your head up man!
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Glad you're feeling better man, we have such a unique and caring community
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We ride together, we cry together; The Tech Gang for life.
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TTG community is like no other, theres some in here that are eh well yanno but most are good hearted people!

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Glad you're doing well now us TTG members will always be here I think of TTG as more than a community we are family from other mothers. Everything one here is mostly friendly and like to help others is what I see everyday on here! See you around my dude
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