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I got SB Hero++++ a week or so ago, probably longer. Anyways i am surprised i got it tbh, wasn't really going for it or anything like that

special s/o to my buddies

watch anime and prosper

meme of the year

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  • Halloween!
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Nice one bro!
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hello yes can i have your badge we can trade thanks for the shout out though love you lots xoxo
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Mint mate, that's the best badge to have
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats bro.
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  • Discord
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Congrats brodie, well deserved! Glad to have gotten to know you in the sb, we gotta hop on n play some more fn.

Oh and natsu is badass.

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congrats fam
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Congrats dude
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good job dude you deserve it for sure
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Congratulations on the new badge bro
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