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Let me preface this thread with an apology.

gomen gomen

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I know it was quite a while ago since I hit my 7 year milestone. Life has been moving too quick for me to keep up as of late, but I wanted to make a thread about this because it does mean a lot to me. Ive been on this site for a great deal of my life. I think a lot of you as good friends, members in the Shoutbox especially. TTG is like my second family, I've known people on here for years -- longer than IRL friends I have. Nothing quite like working a long shift or just having a shitty day and dropping in to the SB and talking to the regulars. (and for those of you who haven't experienced the greatness of the SB, heres a link)

I've definitely had my ups and downs on TTG. From providing modded lobby services and selling Xbox Live trials to being allowed the opportunity to join the staff team and keep the site clean -- I've done most there is to do on the site. With the good comes with the bad I guess. Things happened that were more than regretful, and if I could right my wrongs I would. No matter what has happened, on the site or in my personal life, you guys always had my back when I needed it and I cant tell you enough how much that means to me. I really don't know what I'd do with myself if I didn't have you lot.

Sob story aside, there are a few notable people I wanna shout out for being good friends. It's not in any particular order so plz dont take it the wrong way thanks xoxoxo

Special thank you to:

zesri / zesty

if ur not on the list it doesnt mean i love you any less these are just extra special ppl

I had to put at least one meme in here:

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Awesome read man, much love sockee
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Fantastic milestone!

I hit 7 years in May, however, I haven't been as active as I'd like to be in a while. I do still login and have a look around every few days, however, I rarely post.

See you at 8 years
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Grats anime god
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Shit man, honestly we're blessed to have you around my noble and fair squire. This place is family, and it's great to be able to have each others back. You're an awesome guy, and I know you make the most diesel subs this world ever did see. Keep on keeping on my guy, and expect snap gold soon (extra sensual)

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not sure if impressive or a sad achievement, either way congratulations my guy

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Awesome man congrats
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Congrats bro
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Congrats Saki we're glad to have you on this beautiful website especially in the Shoutbox. Hope to see you around for another year and another after that and so on.

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The SB is sure a great place to be for people to unwind and be themselves away from the outside world. It wouldn't be the SB without your many anime pics randomly been thrown around.

Catch ya on your 8th year lad
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