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Hi, and welcome to my thread!

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I have officially obtained my very sought after

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Just remember

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Seriously thank you everyone for making TTG the place it is today! Glad to be part of a community that helps each other like you all do!

The Following 31 Users Say Thank You to Chris For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-04-2018), 4321coolbunny (08-04-2018), Supervisor (08-04-2018), BLVD (08-04-2018), maDz_Jr (08-03-2018), Jay (08-03-2018), Rodent_Modz (08-03-2018), Sean (08-01-2018), Devil (07-31-2018), Mikey (07-31-2018), Tom (07-31-2018), Federation (07-31-2018), Axios (07-30-2018), tuf (07-30-2018), r0cketz (07-30-2018), G6 (07-30-2018), Vial (07-30-2018), Craig (07-30-2018), Jimbo (07-30-2018), Maze (07-30-2018), Adam (07-30-2018), Kixa (07-30-2018), prodigy (07-30-2018), Brigand (07-29-2018), coolbunny1234 (07-29-2018), C4 (07-29-2018), Nola (07-29-2018), wittycalf47 (07-29-2018), Dusknoir (07-29-2018), grhawn (07-29-2018), Luke (07-29-2018)
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You beautiful soul, you. Congrats Tcap
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Font color hurts my eyes. Rip

Congrats fam
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nice job even though I didn't get any
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Congrats on the milestone!


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Congratulations Chris! That's a sick badge, and I'm glad one of my favorite staff members has it. Thanks for funding the site and working hard to make it what it is today, congrats again dude
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Congratulations my man, thank you so much for all your contributions to the site, both monetary and contributory; you're a class act.Proud of you tcap

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Good job ole Chrissyboi
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Grats man huge! Milestone good work
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Great guy!
Great achievement mate.
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