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Well, getting a bit closer. Just hit 800 posts, finally getting close to that 1k rainmaker badge thanks everyone for the help & support, it is greatly appreciated

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Congratulations on getting 800 posts, your almost there. I can see the rainmaker badge from here.
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Congratulations MOB you're only 200 posts away from your first 1,000. This is a great accomplishment. Keep it up dude!

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Grats on 800 First 1k is always the best!
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Big congrats bro.

You'll be at 1k in no time
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Congratulations on 800 posts mate.

Good luvk hitting 1k
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good job man cant wait to see you at 1k
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Congratulations on your milestone!
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Grats man, 1K is closeee by
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Congrats brutha, you'll hit 1k sooner than ya know it!

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