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Is it even possible to Jailbreak an iPhone X and if so, should I do it?

I've had my old iPhone 5s Jailbroken when I had it however, I'm a bit nervous to jailbreak my iPhone X if it's even possible haha. Do any of you have an iPhone X and it's jailbroken? Let me know.
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I have the X and I am currently jailbroken on iOS 11.4 beta 3 which came out 1-2 weeks ago. From what another user said though, Apple stopped signing that firmware meaning you can't upgrade/downgrade to that specific firmware anymore. So unless you're on a firmware that can be jailbroken, you won't be able to.
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Yes depending on the firmware you are on. Send me a PM and I'll help you through it!
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definitely possible and worth it! first day i got it got home downloaded electra to it and jailbroke within 20 min. Swipe up isn't needed and all just so many things swipe up to close apps i just couldn't without a jailbreak haha
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